About Rayan Matsar Engineering Company

Rayan Matsar  company has started its  activity with Mah panel switchgear name since 1994and have been continued with Rayan Matsar engineering company name at 2009 based on its old background, improving the quality and aim of electrical industry advancing.

Rayan Matsar  company is one of the most active company in the electrical industry of country and it applies experienced staff, knowledge, innovation and creativity which  caused to be succeeded in designing, manufacturing, installation of all types of low and medium voltage, protection and control in fixed and withdrawable types as well as compact posts, tray, ladder and cable with the latest IEC standards and it  is pleasure taking positive steps with other companies to enhance the country’s electricity industry.

This company offers MV withdrawables under ABB technical knowledge and LV withdrawables under Holec technical knowledge as well as Sivacon Siemens.

Address: West 3th floor, Unit10, NO.12, Vira alley, Before Hosseinie Ershad, Shariati Avenue, Tehran, 1947943764, Iran

Phone: 0098-22888361-3

Fax: 009821-22842968

WhatsApp: 09051797782

Email: info@matsaar.com